calendar_month 2023-04-23


location_on Hilton Sorrento Palace, Via Rivolo S.Antonio, Sorrento, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

3rd International Workshop on Membrane Distillation and Innovating Membrane Operations in Desalination and Water Reuse

“Membrane contactors represent an emerging technology that can lead to significant innovation in processes and products, offering new opportunities in the design, rationalization and optimization of innovative productions. Among the different operations, membrane distillation (MD) and related technologies represent a powerful tool to improve current production processes with fundamental benefits in terms of process efficiency and products quality.”

A 4-day compelling program has featured a line-up of international speakers that presented in-depth information about the latest technologies and products. All relevant membrane contactors operations and their relevant aspects (from new membranes synthesis to modelling of the transport mechanisms, combination with alternative energy sources and applications) have been discussed during the workshop.

Relevant Topics 

  • Membranes materials and membrane synthesis/characterization and modelling
  • Modeling of mass/heat transport mechanisms
  • Process engineering, module configurations, processes simulations and performances
  • Membrane fouling
  • Membrane assisted crystallization and other membrane-based crystallization systems
  • Osmotic distillation
  • Membrane assisted condensation
  • Membrane Engineering for process intensification
  • Membrane emulsification
  • Applications in food, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, water treatment (desalination and purification), and petrochemical industries
  • MD and related operations for biofuels productions
  • Hybrid systems: MD/RO – MD/MBR – MD/membrane reactors and others
  • Concepts implementations, scale down/scale up and microfluidics
  • Membrane systems in the extraction and recovery of mineral from the sea and wastewaters
  • Combination with renewable energy sources and low-grade waste heat streams
  • Hybrid systems, new applications and future developments