Hydromars creates a dedicated Team for delivering a flight-worthy unit for the Nyx “Mission Possible” project


Hydromars creates a Team that will contribute to delivering a trust-worthy payload for the “Missions Possible” project by The Exploration Company (TEC).

create 2023-08-15 update 2023-08-15

Hydromars is progressing in delivering a water treatment flight unit for the Mission Possible mission planned to be launched in 2024.

Considering the wide range of expertise required to deliver a trust-worthy unit as well as tight deadlines, Hydromars decided to create a separate Team and invite new talents to the project who will contribute to the delivery of the flight unit under the supervision of Hydromars’ Space Technology Development Engineer, Arjun Monga.

The first contributor is Kneev Sharma who has a passion for the natural world and deep motivation to preserve it through sustainability.

Kneev’s bachelor’s in Green Process Engineering and Joint Nordic master’s in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering equip him with a broad toolbox of engineering skills of high value in space research. Kneev will utilize his extensive experience with fuel cell and electrolyser technology at Hydromars while putting his space technology research experience to practice.

We warmly welcome Kneev to the project.

Kneev Sharma, MSc in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering from Joint Nordic master’s.