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Many of today’s most advanced technologies were researched and invented for space.

Research in space has led to discoveries in medicine, materials, and manufacturing previously kept hidden by gravity. As a result, countries have formed bonds that fly above geopolitics; astronauts have returned with a transpersonal revelation on the nature of our interdependence with our home, and with each other.

These space-driven evolutions have fundamentally improved life back on Earth in irreversible ways. And we’ve only scratched the surface of that radical potential.

The global new space market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.97% from 2020 to 2026 with a revenue estimate of 1TUSD in 2040 according to Morgan Stanley, making space one of the most promising investment sectors with phenomenal ROI!




Hydromars is developing and aiming to commercialize equipment for the living environment during space travels.

Based on several decades of work with water treatment technology on Earth, Hydromars’s closed-circuit system will decrease the quantity of water and consumables required to be launched by about 8t. a year and more importantly, will allow human long-term space explorations.

After several test demonstration units and prototypes, Hydromars is preparing to scale up the collaboration with one of the world’s leading ECLSS contributor followed by testing Hydromars’s demo unit on ISS.

Hydromars is ranked among the top projects by ESA start-up2020 and has also been awarded the prestigious Seal of Excellence by the EU which demonstrates the high quality and business potential of Hydromars.



How Does It Work?

On this page you can buy and/or sell shares in Hydromars, both when new rights issues are released or when you, as a shareholder, decided to restructure your share portfolio.

Hydromars is currently unlisted, which means you have the opportunity to invest early in a market creating innovation that will accelerate human long-term space explorations. A unique opportunity already today! 

Since Hydromars is not authorised by the  Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to act as a broker or stock exchange, we are not an intermediary in the deal. It is therefore up to the buyer and the seller to ensure that the transaction is carried out properly and the sale takes place at a share price which satisfies both parties.


Unlisted Shares

As the shares are not listed, there is no list price. Hydromars has no information on share prices as all deals are settled privately between buyers and sellers.

To facilitate the transaction, we have developed a template for Settlement Note, which is both a written agreement under the Sale of Goods Act and a valid document for tax returns, estate inventories, declaration, etc.

As a share price benchmark, we indicate the cost of the share based on the value per share of 29-46 SEK estimated by a professional third party, the IP specialist, Rouse and Co International Limited.

Settlement Note