HYDROMARS AB is a Swedish science based deep-tech company with a license agreement from Scarab Development AB. As a result of more than thirty years of work with water treatment technology on Earth, the concept of HYDROMARS has been developed to commercialize a closed system for water regeneration in space with Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

The technology used in HYDROMARS has been extensively tested for removal of waste types and has been proven to remove all types of contaminants including urine, sweat, ammonia, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, nanoparticles and microbiological contamination. It also purifies moisture from the air and improves clean air supply in spacecraft by cleaning scrubber water.

The system developed by HYDROMARS will decrease the quantity of water and consumables required to be launched by about 8tones a year at the International Space Station (ISS) and more importantly, will allow long-term space explorations. The remaining challenge is to adapt the HYDROMARS’s technology to conditions in zero gravity.

Spin-offs from HYDROMARS will contribute to a new circular economy
on Earth for optimal recycling of resources. This will constitute environmental improvements such as mitigation of global warming and resource depletion, making HYROMARS a game-changer in the development of water recovery systems for Space and for Earth.

Our Partners

HYDROMARS develops a circular water system for human deep space missions in co-operation with Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre (imec) in Brussels, Belgium, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden and Institute of Membrane Technology of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-ITM).

HYDROMARS has also secured co-operation from the specialist companies: Scarab Development AB, HVR Water Purification AB, XZero AB, Type1Water AB and Circular Water Technologies AB.

The company cooperates with Airbus Defence and Space in regard to specifications, testing in weightlessness, industrialization and marketing.

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The People

Aapo Sääsk Chairman of the Board of Directors
Shorena Tsindeliani CEO & Board Member
Beatrice Rindevall CCO
Carl-Henrik Arosenius CFO
Dr. Jaime Camalich CSO on Earth-related projects
Dr. Alaa Kullab CTO
Miriam Åslin Systems Engineer & Board Member
Bo Bängtsson Clean Room Expert & Board Member
Dr. Imtisal-e-Noor Advanced Research
Peter Nobel Expert in Adaptation Technologies to Space
Madeleine Eriksson Administrative Assistant
Ulf Larsson-Flink Recruitment and HR
Natalia Pettersson Communication Officer