Mission Earth

Taking water accessibility to the final frontier

Inspired by space technology design.


Our technology

The novelty of Hydromars technology is derived from leveraging the pervasive natural phenomenon of water evaporation on the surface of a hydrophobic but otherwise porous membrane. 

The membrane is enclosed in a hermetically sealed cell and divides the same into two airtight compartments. Contaminated water is heated and recirculated through one of the compartments while the vapour produced by the water can easily escape into the other compartment. As this vapour is pure on a molecular level, the separation step is complete in a single step. The system then condenses the vapour into pure liquid water much like how clouds condense and produce fresh rain on Earth.

The result? A highly effective, energy efficient, and compact water purification system producing water free of any contaminants.


Our system can be easily scaled up or scaled down to handle any capacity by increasing or decreasing the number of cells. Cells form a module while modules - a module stack.

The heat energy comes from external waste heat or internal electric heaters, demonstrating a perfect balance of adaptability while producing Ultrapure water (UPW) at a lower cost than established purification technologies.

Material about our technology

Technology background

A selection of our partners


HMP-3000 to purify the most polluted industry water

Powered by the waste heat, HMP-3000 is an ultrapure water (UPW) piloting solution based on the principle of thermal pervaporation. 

The design of this product includes auxiliary equipment for heat transfer to feed and cooling water using heat exchangers and resulting in the production of Ultrapure water and rich concentrate from a range of feed streams.  

HMP-3000 is powered by waste heat where approximately 98% of the total energy is needed to drive the process. It is ideal for producing ultrapure water by recovering waste heat while reducing the carbon footprint. 

The pilot is designed to be used by various industries to evaluate and assess its features for scalable applications.

Facts about HMP-3000

The core of the purification process consists of a group of 6 series-produced modules. Each module consists of 80 proprietary plates.

The standard installation delivers up to 3000 liters of ultrapure water per day. It can be operated both in batch and continuous flow processes and is easy to move with a skid.

An intelligent and sophisticated control system with display using HMI is part of the product and allows easy and remote handling of the system.

Feed water flow* 75-300 L/h
Feed water temperature Depends on customer
Ultrapure water flow 60-120
Total suspended solids <1

Product specification

Elixir – Household appliance product on page Mission Earth

ELIXIR- Household appliance product

Hydromars is the owner of the household appliance product - ELIXIR. This prototype work is a result of collaboration with Electrolux AB, the Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer.

ELIXIR supplies water exclusively for drinking. It is made locally utilizing innovative technology and provides pure water which is then fortified with healthy minerals. 

ELIXIR is a premium product for luxury homes, schools, restaurants, and hospitals.

During 2024-2025, Hydromars aims to contribute to the existing design of the product, especially with the expertise in space product development, and market ELIXIR as a product incentivized by space.

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Images from the projects

1st gen prototype
Horizon cabinet
production line
Jan Coenen, imec, och Miriam Åslin, Xzero, testar Xzeros utrustning i imec

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