The goal of the HYDROMARS is to commercialize a closed system for water regeneration in space with ZLD. In several third-party tests, the HYDROMARS technology has proven more efficient separation of difficult wastewater, semiconductor rinse water, brines and water contaminated with nanoparticles than either state-of-the-art methods based on distillation / separation with membranes or electrical/chemical separation. The technology wastewater is heated to a temperature of 60-90 ° C and individual water molecules are collected and reconstituted to water of the highest purity. As a matter of example, the same method is used nowadays by a Scarab subsidiary, Xzero AB, to produce and sell reference water of highest purity to nanoelectronics laboratories (www.type1water.com)

Since the beginning of the project, HYDROMARS was designed to be suitable for use in space with the core purification component (module). Its high concentration factor enables a total regeneration of water (100% compared to the existing 74%). All these give HYDROMARS a lead in development compared to competitors who will either start doing on earth now or later in space. The remaining challenge is to adapt the same technology to conditions in microgravity and deep space for long-term missions.

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