USA, UAE, and China – successful beginning of robotic Mars missions

Three spacecrafts from UAE, China and USA are hurtling towards Mars starting from 2020: UAE’s orbiter known as the Hope probe has successfully entered orbit on its first attempt on February 9th; 24 hours later, the mission was followed by Chinese Tianwen-1 probe, making China the sixth space-faring power to reach the planet; NASA’s Perseverance […]

Boom in the space industry

A space mission to Mars takes roughly three years to complete. With a crew of six astronauts, approximately 30 tons of supplies are required to provide for both the outward and return journey. Among the impossible things man would like to do is travelling to Mars and staying there forever. Ten years ago, people would […]

“Better access to IP for innovative SMEs”

HYDROMARS has been selected for support under the action called “Better access to IP for innovative SMEs” (IPA4SME) open call co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union. The support include IP pre-diagnostic services from a qualified expert together with the reimbursed for 75% of the cost of a European Patent Application.         

Seminar: HYDROMARS (1988 – 2028) – A Long March to Mars

The seminar, ” HYDROMARS (1988-2028) – A Long March to Mars ”, was held on September 16th and aimed to share information about HYDROMARS’s technology with prominent people from relevant industries. The full version of the seminar is available on HYDROMARS’s official Youtube channel – HYDROMARS AB.

New Partner- Airbus Defence and Space

After receiving Seal of Excellence from Horizon 2020 P1, HYDROMARS has signed an NDA with the world’s leading contributor to the space industry, Airbus Defense and Space.

HYDROMARS – Top proposal by ESA

On May 29, 2020, HYDROMARS was ranked among TOP projects by ESA start-up competition and went through a second review process.